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The translation agency profession

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The translation agency profession

The work of a translation and interpretation agency involves numerous aspects covering various professional fields, such as legal, financial, technical, marketing and other specialist areas. We have to provide an appropriate, efficient response that accurately reflects the original documents entrusted to us. To meet this challenge we have built up our "translation agency" expertise on the basis of the competencies of our translators, and rigorous quality procedures.

Recruiting translators

Firstly, to cover all the various sectors of activity we thoroughly select and recruit specialist professional translators.
Our agency uses certified translators for legal translations, financial experts for translating financial documents, scientists when technical or scientific documents need to be translated, and doctors and pharmacists for medical documents. For each translation problem, our agency has the specialist competencies to perfectly understand the documents and so match its meaning in another language.
Tradutec is able to make it a point of honour to guarantee the quality of its translations because it knows every detail of the competencies of each one of its professional translators.

Resources and quality procedures

Whatever the sector or translation requirement, our agency always applies the same quality procedure to its translations.
More than 600 professional translators work with Tradutec. A single IT system allows us to mange clients individually to ensure they receive personal attention. All translations are proofread and approved by a single contact partner chosen according to the translation context. Our Paris based agency realizes translation all over France, exchanging documents electronically and if necessary will dispatch an expert (translations in all languages).