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Translation of legal documents

Indispensible legal expertise

Legal document translations are particularly critical because of the impact a simple term in a document may have. Terminological precision is particularly important with this type of document. Our translators must therefore combine translating skills with a sound legal experience (former lawyers, legal department employees, etc).


Our translators translate into their mother tongue and their work is proofread by a second specialist. They are bound by an obligation of confidentiality, and we will be pleased to sign confidentiality agreements on request.

Here are some examples of the legal documents we translate:
  • summons, rulings
  • contracts, articles of association, shareholders’ agreements
  • civil status certificates, official acts
  • patents
  • all types of certified translations
Certified translation

A certified translation is a translation that is certified as being a true translation of the original document. It is stamped "certified translation of the original", dated and signed by a sworn translator.

Once it has the "certified translation of the original" stamp, the translated document has the same legal value as the original.

Entrust your legal translation to Tradutec. Submit your document for a quote using the on line form: on line translation request form.