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Tradutec's Commitments

Tradutec stands by the quality of its translations thanks to the professionalism and expertise of its translators.

Every document for translation is unique. and It is therefore essential that the quality of each document be verifiedchecking the quality of every document is critical. This is why Tradutec therefore firstly countsplaces such importance on the competencies skills and professionalism of its translation team. Each translated document is then proofread to check the translation and its accuracy against the original documentto check the accuracy of the translation.

Translation is not improvisation. Tradutec makes every effort to maintain a qualified translation team alongside its proofreading and checking quality control system. Tradutec is therefore thereby able tocommit to the quality of its translations.

Cultural particularities

Documents written in foreign languages must conform to the cultural particularities of the country receiving the translated document. Mastery of the language does not make a competent translator; a translator has to be a native of the target language country, or at the very least have worked there, in order to understand the cultural subtleties. To ensure our translations reflect cultural particularities, our agency selects the translator best able to understand the document’s specific sphere and that understands the particularities of the target language.

Correction - proofreading

All documents are proofread. However good the translator assigned to a particular translation may be, spelling, grammatical, typographic or syntax errors are always possible. Just one error is enough to make a document lose its credibility. Verifying documents takes time and a perfect mastery of the language, which is why Tradutec has invested in its quality policy and proofreads documents in-house. Tradutec is therefore able to commit to to the quality of its translations.


Every message is designed to have an impact on its reader. The document layout is therefore of special importance in understanding and assimilating it. Tradutec is particularly aware of the effects of layout and graphics in optimally reproducing the meaning of the document.