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French-German translation

Multilingual translation agency / German

Our translation agency translates documents in all languages, in particular documents in French and German. Our agency always chooses experienced experts with a thorough understanding of French, German and the original document’s area of application.

For business, financial, medical and legal document translations, Tradutec undertakes to offer you the best translator for your document’s particularities. Over 600 expert translators work for Tradutec in all languages, and in particular on translations of French documents into German and vice versa.

German (Deutsch in German) is an Indo-European language belonging to the group of Western Germanic languages. With over 100 million speakers, German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union (source Wikipedia). German has the status of official language in Austria, Belgian, German, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Opole Voivodeship (Poland), Sopron (Hungary), Switzerland, Krahule / Blaufuß (Slovakia), Trentin-Haut-Adige (Italy), Namibia (regional joint official language), the Vatican (official language of the Papal Swiss Guard). It is also spoken (without having the status of official language), in Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Russia, Romania, Togo, South Africa, Tanzania, North America and South America, etc.

We also translate German into other languages, and vice versa, and in particular the following languages:

Germany | English | Spanish | Portuguese | Dutch | Italian | Greek Chinese | ...

We cannot provide an exhaustive list of all the languages we translate, as our translations are dependent on the translation language, cultural context and field of application of your document. Please consult us for all your requests, whatever the volume may be, and ask for a price for translating your document by using our free quote form.