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French - Dutch translation

Dutch translations

"Dutch (Nederlands) is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in the Netherlands, its overseas territories, Belgium and Surinam. Variants, such as Afrikaans, spoken in South Africa and Namibia have been standardised. Although Afrikaans and Dutch are mutually comprehensible, these African countries are not members of the Dutch Language Union. This international organisation officially presides over issues relating to the standard language." (source Wikipedia)

Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands and in Belgium (at federal level with French and German, jointly with French in the Brussels – Capital region and the sole official language in the Flemish region) and is therefore one of the official European Union languages. In English, Dutch may sometimes be referred to as Netherlandic – a linguistic term - or as Flemish, which is the Dutch spoken in Belgium.

Our translation agency translates documents in all languages, in particular documents in Dutch. Our agency always chooses experienced experts with a thorough understanding of French, Dutch and the original document’s area of application.

For business, financial, medical and legal document translations, Tradutec undertakes to offer you the best translator for your document’s particularities. Over 600 expert translators work for Tradutec in all languages, and in particular on translations of French documents into Dutch and vice versa.

We also translate Dutch into other languages, and vice versa, and in particular the following languages:

Dutch < -- > French
Dutch < -- > German
Dutch < -- > Spanish
Dutch < -- > Portuguese
Dutch < -- > English
Dutch < -- > Italian
Dutch < -- > Greek
Dutch < -- > Chinese
Dutch < -- > Japanese
Dutch < -- > Arabic
Dutch < -- > Danish
Dutch < -- > Swedish
Dutch < -- > Finish
Dutch < -- > Norwegian
Dutch < -- > Russian
Dutch < -- > Polish
Dutch < -- >Czech
Dutch < -- > Slovakian
Dutch < -- > Slovenian
Dutch < -- > Bulgarian
Dutch < -- > Latvian


Other languages translated by the agency : Germany | English | Spanish | Portuguese | Dutch | Italian | Greek Chinese | ...

We cannot provide an exhaustive list of all the languages we translate, as our translations are dependent on the translation language, cultural context and field of application of your document. Please consult us for all your requests, whatever the volume may be, and ask for a price for translating your document by using our free quote form.