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French - Spanish translation

Multilingual translations / Spanish

Our translation agency translates in all languages, in particular documents in French and Spanish. We always select experienced experts who have a thorough knowledge of French, Spanish and the original document’s area of application.

"Spanish, or Castilian, is a Romance language spoken in Spain, many American nations, and other areas of the world (...). It evolved from several dialects and languages on the northern fringes of the Iberian Peninsula during the 9th century and gradually spread through the kingdom of Castile to become the language of trade and government. Currently between 320 and 500 million people speak Spanish as their native language, making Spanish the second or third most widely spoken language in the world according to some sources." (source Wikipedia).

The term "Espagnol" is the international denomination (Spanish, Spanisch, spagnolo, etc). "Castilian" refers to the Romance dialect, the modern dialect spoken in the central Spanish regions (Castile and León, Castile-La Manche and Madrid), the state language (as opposed to other languages in Spain such as Catalan, Basque, Valencian and Galician), and the language spoken in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Paraguay and Uruguay, where the term Castilian is more often used than Espagnol.

For business, financial, medical and legal document translations, Tradutec undertakes to offer you the best translator for your document’s particularities. Over 600 expert translators work for Tradutec in all languages, and in particular on translations of French documents into Spanish and vice versa.

We are also aware of the linguistic and cultural particularities found in the Spanish language, the large number of variations that need to be thoroughly understood, and the document’s target audience. Given the particularities specific to Spanish translations, the purpose of your document and the country or person for whom it is intended will determine the choice of translator.

We also translate from Spanish into other languages, and vice versa, and in particular the following languages:

Germany | English | Spanish | Portuguese | Dutch | Italian | Greek Chinese | ...

We cannot provide an exhaustive list of all the languages we translate as our translations are dependent on the translation language, cultural context and field of application of your document. Please consult us for all your requests, whatever the volume may be, and ask for a price for translating your document by using our free quote form.