Tradutec translation agency


For more than 40 years, TRADUTEC has been setting itself the goal of providing multilingual translations of high quality and in all areas of competence.

TRADUTEC is the number one French translation agency, and among its clients are companies representing all different sectors of activity, and all different domains (see references).

Our internal organization and our know-how allow us to respond to all of your translation requests, for all types of document: professional, technical, medical, legal...

All of our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement with our company.

Our translator database is made up of more than 600 professional translators, all having experience in a required domain. All translators are regularly tested and monitored by our proofreading team, allowing us to provide you with a top-of the-range multilingual translation service.

For the translation of official documents, TRADUTEC agency offers you the services of its certified translators, and can also take charge of all of the legalization procedures required for your documents which need to be produced abroad.

TRADUTEC agency respects the golden rule of the three expectations of our clients when it comes to multilingual translations:

  • Deadlines: our quotes are sent out within an hour of receiving your request, and we adapt our deadlines according to your requirements. A deadline offered is a deadline kept to.
  • Quality: we select the best translators according to the language and technical area required. We create glossaries and translation memories. We use the same translator for one client in order to make sure that the translations are homogenous. All of our translations are reread by a technical proofreader.
  • Price: our prices are adapted according to the volume of translations we are entrusted with. Our quotes are free. Our quotes are free.