Translating e-mail marketing, for a company with a broader vision

e-mail marketing campaign

E-mail marketing is still a powerful way of handling prospecting and customer loyalty in 2017. It is a commercial effort that continues to reinvent and perfect itself.

Businesses have more and more numerous e-mailing software and tools at their disposal. These tools allow companies to be more autonomous and facilitate the utilisation of this method of communication. We aren’t telling you anything you don’t already know when we say that business is being done more and more at an international level, or that in order to continue development, one cannot neglect a vision of the global scale. Knowing that, the question of translating your e-mail marketing becomes more than merely pertinent.

Using e-mail marketing for your international ambitions

E-mail marketing is a way to expand your communication strategy by devising messages to promote your company. These messages will be articulated in accordance with your goals, whether promotional, transactional, institutional, etc.

Today, you can easily find SaaS solutions on and across the internet. These e-mailing platforms propose services to easily design your marketing campaigns with model e-mails. They also allow you to manage contacts and sending lists and to send your messages while tracking their metrics including: delivery rate, open rate, click rate, soft or hard bounces, etc.

Concentrate on the essentials

We are going to assume that you already know a bit about these e-mail marketing platforms. So, the only two problems left to think about are the precise goals of your marketing campaign, and how to translate your content in a way that will allow you to address it to a larger audience. This could include target clients in foreign countries that correspond to your commercial ambitions and your development in exportations, or even your own providers outside of your country.

Organizing a multilingual e-mail marketing campaign

Using such online solutions as Mailchimp, SendinBlue, Mailjet, etc. with a professional translation agency with a strong base of multilingual translators and an “all terrain” range of skills is a good way to plan for and to stimulate your international commercial vision. No! Businesses are not destined to stay confined to the limits of their countries and only speak with their contacts in their native language. The benefits, in terms of coordination, return on investment, and reactivity, enabled by this quasi-industrialized process are apparent.

E-mail marketing content that will enable you to be understood by everyone

Your business understands the numerous advantages that are afforded by integrating solutions such as e-mail marketing, CRM, customer relations, etc. into its services. Beyond these tools and resources, content, communications, involvement on various web platforms, and in particular e-mail strategies raise questions about involvement on an international scale. Translating such material should not be something that causes anxiety and apprehension in companies. It is too often that case that a company manager's first reaction to his vague desire to move to an international scale is, “No one in my company speaks that language,” or, “How can I be confident in the translation, it’s my credibility on the line...” It is already second nature to use third parties for your e-mail, CRM, and other forms of marketing. Make it second nature to use the services of an agency specialized in marketing translations.

Translation agencies specialized in e-mail marketing campaigns are composed of translators with significant experience in sales and marketing. They create translations that stay true to the direction of the document and preserve its capital gain. Like all professional translations, e-mail marketing translations require a perfect mastery of the language and knowledge of the specificities of the target language and culture. The key expressions which can have an impact for your business cannot be found in dictionaries, they are only known by the professionals of the target sector. The expert translators and Tradutec are professionals in sales, marketing, and e-mail campaigns.

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