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Translations for exports, a profitable multilingual strategy

Translations for export

The conquest of new markets, the search for new customers, is something that every business must concern itself with when hoping to strengthen their activity in a lasting way. When it comes to this, export seems like an area of activity that is absolutely required. This primary goals are to increase turnover while reducing dependency on the local markets. Translations for the export of your commercial offerings and your know how, is a crucial step when confronting these new markets.

A professional, quality translation is indispensable in exports

When you call upon a translator for the exportation of your products, you are calling on a veritable strategic skill. Indeed, it is a step that must be an integral part of the export chain. A translation is a well thought out adaptation of the content for the culture and expectations of the target market.

Translation dedicate to exports is essentially composed of translating technical manuals, websites, and legal texts with legal cabinets.

And it isn’t a question of only thinking about export in English. It absolutely would not be an appropriate response to the various issues that arise in the current state of globalization. Export requires translation in multiple languages, from the most common to the least widespread.

The large net of languages

Some languages are less common, but they still represent an important issue because there is less competition, which makes site indexing easier online. It is a chance to invest in better market position in countries and markets where your products can elicit demand.

Translating your commercial documents or your product information sheets for export in Polish, Mandarin, Swedish, Dutch, Arabic, or Russian will give you an obvious potential for international development. Interested web surfers prefer searching sites in their native languages.

Equally, creating websites in multiple languages for your target countries will allow you to generate new traffic and make extra conversions. This is all the more true in Europe.

An e-commerce site which doesn’t translate its content to the majority of the languages across the Union are potentially depriving themselves of nearly 40% of the European market. Only 53% of web users are willing to use the English version of a site if their native language isn’t available. See this study by the European Commission on the language preferences of web users.

Excluding French and English, the other languages together take on significant importance; an importance which will only become more and more significant. As an example, by 2030 the Chinese middle class will represent 64% of the worldwide middle class.

A translation that meets the high commercial requirements

Here, translating means knowing how to adapt to the expectations of foreign markets by offering a professional quality, multilingual translation. Customers require the feeling of proximity that only a proper and correct translation can offer. It is the business’s bottom line and their credibility on the line.

If you are an SME or a “key account”, your international e-commerce site must be beyond reproach in its communications and customer relations.

And, it shouldn’t be during the last step in the chain when you begin thinking about these issues, if you want to secure your place in international markets.

An expert in export

A specialized translation for exports must be anticipated and organized so that the manuals, sometimes technical in nature, the legal texts, or the specific web content is handled with strict care.

At the same time, contracts or reglementary translations for customs formalities, all of these types of documents, require a personalized and methodical approach which will provide results that are much closer to your commercial ambitions than an improvised or machine translation.