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Beauty Words: when luxury meets an editorial communications agency

Luxe Beauty Words

How can you perfectly describe your high end products? Classic communications agencies aren’t enough to respond to your requirements in the sectors of luxury and beauty. In a market that is highly selective, it is a question of providing both a design-drafting service as well as adaptive editorial translations.


Beauty Words has this rare dual talent, to be able to find captivating words and to be able to translate them into the other languages in your targets markets without losing elegance.

Translations in luxury markets should not suffer mere approximations

Each sector of activity holds its own codes, its own ways of valuing its products or services. This is especially true for the high-end markets where near approximations prove insufficient. In markets of luxury and beauty, more than others, the purity of the words must be preserved, even through multiple translations across different markets. In response to its premier clients, demanding more than a simple multilingual translation, the editorial communications agency Beauty Words has been a part of the Tradutec Group since 2013.

A synergy of linguistic abilities

More than simply helping with the translation of your advertisements, the editorial communications agency, Beauty Words, offers a full service package of your marketing materials. From semantic studies to interpretation, from luxury translations to editorial adaptations, the experts in words and languages innovate each day in luxury brands: perfumes, cosmetics, fashion and accessories, wines and spirits, hotels, arts and foundations.

With the universe of words stretching to infinity, Beauty Words offers its editorial services for every type of communication. Editorial texts and ads are only a part of the agencies work. It also handles the drafting and translation of studies, internal memos, expense books, speeches, websites, etc.

A premium selection of language professionals

The fine team at Beauty Words coordinates a network of international translators, proofreaders, interpreters, transcribers and designers. Each was rigorously chosen for their experience in the luxury market, their proven skills, their judgement, their discretion, and their adherence to deadlines.

A quality charter governs the work of the Beauty Words team, proving the commitment and values of the agency, reliability, quality, reactivity, creativity, and confidentiality. All of these qualities make Beauty Words a unique agency which has existed since 1992 without needing publicity or cries for attention, simply because of the confidence and satisfaction of their premier clients.