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What distinguishes a professional translation?

Traduction Profesionnelle

Music to your ears

Like a professional translator, who we may not recognise merely from the intense look in their eyes, a professional translation is unrecognisable at a glance. With fluidity and native musicality, it forces us to recognise a single fact: a translation may only be considered professional if it speaks to us, in every sense of the term.


Medical and pharmaceutical translations


Translations in the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific domains require precision and rigour. Indeed, these types of translations can quite literally be of vital importance for patients’ health. While the reliability of the translation is of the utmost importance, other abilities are equally necessary.


Sworn translations

traduction assermentee 570

A sworn translation, also known as a certified translation, is a translation holding an official value. It is the only way that a translated document, in France as well as in foreign countries, can have the same legal value as the original document.

A sworn translation must be done by a translator recognised as an expert in a court of appeals. They are the only person capable of certifying that a translated document is a true and exact translation of an original text.


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