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Tradutec's Commitments

Tradutec stands by the quality of its translations thanks to the professionalism and expertise of its translators.

Every document for translation is unique. and It is therefore essential that the quality of each document be verifiedchecking the quality of every document is critical. This is why Tradutec therefore firstly countsplaces such importance on the competencies skills and professionalism of its translation team. Each translated document is then proofread to check the translation and its accuracy against the original documentto check the accuracy of the translation.

Translation is not improvisation. Tradutec makes every effort to maintain a qualified translation team alongside its proofreading and checking quality control system. Tradutec is therefore thereby able tocommit to the quality of its translations.


Translation of legal documents

Indispensible legal expertise

Legal document translations are particularly critical because of the impact a simple term in a document may have. Terminological precision is particularly important with this type of document. Our translators must therefore combine translating skills with a sound legal experience (former lawyers, legal department employees, etc).


Translation agency for financial documents

Translating financial documents cannot be done just any old how...

Documents of a financial nature, whether financial analysis documents, audits, reports or financial communication documents, all have strict requirements in relation to the financial terms employed. The translator must master both the language (if possible it will be his or her native language) and the field of finance. We always entrust this type of translation to professionals that have both these areas of expertise.


Tradutec translation agency


For more than 40 years, TRADUTEC has been setting itself the goal of providing multilingual translations of high quality and in all areas of competence.

TRADUTEC is the number one French translation agency, and among its clients are companies representing all different sectors of activity, and all different domains (see references).